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Do You Have Some Reservations About The Efficacy Of Remote "Zoom" Lessons?

Hear What Students Have To Say

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"Singing on Zoom? How the heck is that going to work?'  I was hesitant at first about the viability of taking voice classes over Zoom but after my first lesson with Nancy, any doubts I had vanished. Not only does Zoom meet the needs of long-distance learning, but I was pleasantly surprised at its capabilities from an audio standpoint. Nancy's patience and technological expertise also help alleviate any anxiety one might experience when using Zoom. Give Nancy and Zoom a try!"  Molly Lane



“I am a professional musician. I happened to be searching for music one day when I came across jazz singer, Nancy Kelly’s website. I reached out to her about some music and we struck up a casual friendship. I had not had voice lessons in over 30 years and decided that I needed a tune up. I signed up with Nancy for Zoom lessons and we have had some great times together. We work hard but we laugh a lot!! I live in Louisiana and she lives in New York. She is great for that little vocal check-in or full blown voice coach and I’m here to attest that Zoom works! Thanks Nancy!”  Music Director Heath Watson

"I find Zoom to be an excellent way to receive voice instruction, especially living some 1500 miles from my instructor.  The various settings allow instructor and student to listen and sing simultaneously…it has Full Duplex Audio so both instructor and student can be playing/singing at the same time without cutting out.  I can also see the instructor and the piano keys view at the same time which is extremely helpful.  I have had great success over the last year having voice instruction over Zoom." James A. Tyler Jr. PE Partner, President EAPC 

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